Home Care (Scotland)


Here at Home Care (Scotland) we understand the importance of living your best life as independently and as safely as possible. We also understand the importance of receiving a reliable and flexible service that allows you to do just that.

For this reason, Home Care Scotland prides itself on delivering holistic, person centred and outcome based care through a dedicated team of caring, professional and confidential staff. We will always put the your needs at the heart of everything we do.

By choosing Home Care Scotland, you’re safe in the knowledge that our full range of home care services are fully regulated by the Care Inspectorate and are contracted by NHS Highland. We aim to be recognised as the foremost provider of home care services in the region.


Our Services

Home care can mean different things to different things to different people.  If you feel that you or your loved one needs support with activities of daily living, be it nutritional support, assistance with medication or any level of personal care we can help and this will normally be organised and assessed by a social worker in NHS Highland.

If your need is for extra support, reassurance and companionship out with that provided by NHS Highlandthen we can put arrangements in place to you to help you live as independently as possible. This may be a daily or weekly visit at a time that suits to help with household chores, enhanced personal care and even support to enable you to get out and about for shopping, hobbies and visiting family and friends.

Personal Care

Personal Care is a term broadly used to describe support with personal hygiene, assisting with toileting, dressing and maintaining your personal appearance.

It can cover, but is not limited to:

  • Bathing and showering, including bed baths
  • Skin care, applying lotions and creams as required
  • Dressing and getting ready for bed
  • Oral hygiene
  • Applying makeup and hair care
  • Support with shaving
  • Helping you to the toilet or using your commode
  • Changing continence aids
  • Changing or maintaining a stoma or catheter bag


There are currently 3 recognised forms of assistance with medication:

  • Medication prompt – A call to remind you to take medication or a in person visit to ensure that your medication is take, or even a mixture of both
  • Medication Assistance – Assistance with opening medication, applying prescribed creams
  • Managed medication – We can take full management of your medication from ensuring you have sufficient supplies to administering medication that is required

Nutritional Support

Ensuring that you maintain a well balanced diet is so important to your overall health and wellbeing.

We can help you develop a nutritional support plan to ensure that all of your nutritional needs are met.  From shopping for the food to helping your prepare meals of your choice.

If you are unable to cook and would prefer prepared meals, we can deliver specially prepared meals from a menu choice straight to your home.


Your care can be funded in many different ways and even a mixture of any.  You can request to be assessed through NHS to see if you would qualify for free funded support, request to have your support delivered via Self Directed Support or you can choose to pay for this privately.  We have some clients who like additional time and services that the assessed need by NHS and choose to add this on a private basis.

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